Friday, November 27, 2015

The final stretch ... Fashion Friday

Here we are almost at the end of NaBloPoMo-ing, and thank goodness! I compare these posts with all the longer-winded entries from the early days, when I would write about good stuff- or at least better about mundane stuff.  It is after all mostly mundane.

This past week I was happy to be able to go to my usual warehouse sale (that I attend every year, twice a year- the agency represents Free People-and Autumn Cashmere as examples. I thought I would rock the sale in honour of my 50th.  I won't get into my actual purchases but what got me was that I received compliments from two of the sales staff admiring my boots and my bag. What??

Boots from Clark's in the UK (yes, they are so much nicer in Europe versus Clark's Canada where they are pretty much fugly orthopedic shoes). ...and the bag, why it's fringe-y Michael Kors which apparently is very Marc Jacobs.

So maybe I've still got a modicum of 'it'.  Whew.

Meal planning

So this is a thing for me now. Ugh.

If you came here looking for tips-gotcha! We're not there quite yet.  Getting through one week a a time, sometime one day at a time it feels like-is good enough for now.

I admit, having a nanny/housekeeper full time was mostly for me.  So the transition to part time  is also mostly about me.

And I'm coping somewhat-but mostly not, being tired and stressed most days.  I hear the violins ... I know I have been fortunate, but it has been key to getting us through the last few years, with work, work travel schedules, and dealing with mild anxiety with the girlie.

One nice thing is that the kids seem to prefer my cooking, which I will take -at least there is appreciation, as our nanny is an amazing cook.

Wait a minute -I miss that part too!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fit -ish

I've come to the realization that those last 5 pounds will likely just remain.

Gone are the days when I could work out like crazy in advance of a work trip ( which would involve eating, coffee breaks that include more eating and  drinking and more drinking).   And not just back to what I used to be able to do.  Yes I travel with no exercise, then come back and work out like crazy and get back to where I was before, weight wise. Having a gallbladder issue (or lack of one) helped keep the more fatty foods at bay.

But no matter, that pattern doesn't serve me well nowadays. Turning 50, wonky knees and all -those pounds do not melt away any longer.

Nevertheless, I persevere with my workout obsessions. The sweat, the exhilaration through the thumping music...weight loss or not, it's worth it.  How much more on trend can I be #ufcwannabe #hollyholm.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This Life

I don't know what it is lately but whoa I am managing to catch a lot of screen time, little screen, big screen ... So my latest discovery is rather ironic.  The irony? I'm sitting as a couch potato watching a show about living life.

I got home after my combat workout and took advantage of the fact that the girlie was in the family room and willing to share some time with me -not with minecraft, not with her friend on Skype but with her mom.  We settled on watching good old government sponsored CBC Canadian content  and stumbled upon This Life, a drama-dy/comic drama, slightly reminiscent of Parenthood but with a little more edge/grit/reality-or maybe it's just the Canadian production values.  Set inMontreal, Canada, the plot focuses on a 45 year old single mother of three teens, who has been diagnosed with end stage cancer, and how she and her family deal with it.  Heavy stuff, hard to call uplifting -however I found the episode so compelling, and am now compelled to watch all previous 6 episodes ( the full series is 10 parts).  The acting is so superb, the themes universal, and the way they deal with things as family-so real.

Teens, school, infidelity, alcoholism, abortion, infertility, relationships (3somes!) siblings, life issues that surround the main theme of death and living your life to the fullest or at least to the 'real'est.  Yup watched with the G and makes for lots of Q&A throughout the program.  But why not, she is almost 11, and questions are good.  Better to talk it out while she wants to-not a guarantee that will happen at 12.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Teenage mall angst and a semi

High school semi approaches; not surprisingly a new outfit is needed, and also not surprisingly,  my nearly 16 year old son has particular tastes.  Good taste, but particular -and who is to blame but yours truly.

Remember the days of yore of this very blog--those Fashion Friday posts, contemplating several outfits for certain occasions.  Remember how I would ask my readers, friends , what outfit they preferred? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Thank goodness for Zara, and for the variety of options at affordable prices, for totally on trend looks.  The boy went from a full suit ( blue!) and white shirt, red hee-ing and hawing about how a suit might not be needed, maybe he should just wear black jeans and a blue shirt--oh wait, let's see if the guys (his best buddies) will let me break with the agreed upon team outfit... And by the way, new shoes are needed, then while we're at it, the ear buds need replacing...i was exhausted following all lanky 6 feet of him around.   I know that these items won't fit in 3 months.

 The mall air and atmosphere didn't help, Starbucks revived me somewhat in time for the drive home.  So this is what my husband used to feel like as he trailed me during mall expeditions.

But we've narrowed it down and should be set for Thursday.  They are going as a group-no dates. Although girls are definitely in the picture -not girlfriends, but girls are definitely interested.  It's the age after all. 

I look back at the grade parties we had in high school.  There was no way I would have thought to go to the semi formal in grade 10-that was for seniors.   Certainly not at a reception hall. My boy is not such a geek though. His number one strength from the Strengthfinders analysis is "social".  That was not me at 15.  At all.

So I wish him a lot of fun on Thursday.  I'm sure he's gonna get his dance on -his whip and nae nae ( which for all my bodyjam addiction I can never remember the moves...). And because I am nosy, I won't mind dropping the kids off. 


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